Welcome to the Las Vegas Galaxy Film Awards!

The Las Vegas Galaxy Film Awards are an excellent opportunity for established and aspiring filmmakers to earn the chance to showcase their work in a Las Vegas theater, and receive recognition for their work. Held annually at the Galaxy Theaters in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, the Galaxy Film Awards is unlike many other festivals. A representative of LVGFA will personally watch each individual film and critique it objectively and fairly. Regardless of whether or not your film is accepted into the festival, you will receive an in-depth adjudication of your film, detailing areas your film may have excelled in, as well as areas your film could use improvement. LVGFA is highly interested not only in celebrating success, but also helping to build it, which is why we will spend the necessary time for every entrant to receive personalized feedback on their submissions. We hope to inspire participants to improve their craft, aspire to reach new heights of success, and to build an even greater love for the art of filmmaking.

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